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It’s a renaissance period for art and design.  Once, you would go to a shop and pick out a print and have it framed.  The Selection was not always great and the prices were high.  Today, with design and print companies like Arthouse Central, the art on your walls can be all about you, your family and the best times of your life. 


What could be better than displaying the best people and times of your life, getting a great result and not having to spend a ton of cash doing it?   Sure, photographic images can be stunning but did you know there is so much more you can do!  

Some of Our Best Designs Have Started With A Query.


Now is a great time to embrace your artistic side.  We have spoken to many customers over the years that have been apprehensive about furnishing their home.  This often leads to people living in beautiful homes with bare walls. 


A journey always starts with the first step.  Start small.   If you like it, continue along until you surround yourself with a room full of art and things that make you happy. 


If you require assistance about anything relating to wall art or design – we are happy to help.     if its brick-a-brack or sculpture or furniture ask a friend or enlist the services of a designer for a few hours to help you get started.

On Creating Art That Inspires You
A Few Simple Guides To Get Started

We get a lot of calls from people all around Australia.  We’re frequently told that they like the look of our designs but they don’t know names or lists what they could put on theirs.   So if you are not the globetrotting type, here are a few ideas we’ve assembled that would make for great banner fodder ( is that one word or two?)  This is the art that will make you smile every day.


Your Art Can Be About New Beginnings


Many couples are looking for something unique on their Wedding Day.  How about something like this. We can design and ship this piece with your wedding party details.  You can display this custom artwork on a canvas as people walk into your wedding and get a load of this;


You can have all your wedding guests sign it.  (We know – fantastic right!)


So, you have a great piece of artwork that will last forever and every time you see it you will remember the day but – not only that – you will remember all the guests that were there.



Your Word Art Can Be About Travel & Endeavors


Accomplishments are the milestones of life that make the struggle worthwhile.  Be it a graduation which you celebrate as a right of passage or a well-deserved trip around the world with your flatmate, your partner, your wife, children or grandkids.  These are times worthy of reflection and commemoration.


Photos have been the graphics item of choice to do this, but we have more options now. Options that can be crafted to your decor and colour scheme.  One option we offer is Typographic Art.  not just words but the combination of graphic and typography to create a memoir that is completely unique.


C’mon – you know no one is going to ask you about that trip unless you have one of these hanging on your wall!

tely unique.


C’mon – you know no one is going to ask you about that trip unless you have one of these hanging on your wall!

Your Art Can Be About Home

Soon after someone pulled the decomissioned Tram Banners from decomission Trams in Melbourne some one thought ” I bet this would look awesome in my lounge ( they probably didn’t use that term since it was the 70’s ).


Long story, short: We’ve been creating tram banners for about 10 years now.  In the last few years the trend has gained steam and we’ve been adding ot our designs and shipping more of our art around Australia and the World.  In fcat our Tram Banner Typographic Art is now residing on the walls in 11 coutries outside of Australia.

Your Art Can Be About Your Favourite Things

Why shouldn’t your art be about your favourite things.  A wise woman once said, “I want the same things from art as I do my spouse’. 


“I want it to look good, be unconfrontational and not empty my bank account”. 

Wise words!


It’s said in a humerous context but why shouldn’t the things you surround yourself with make you happy.  Why not create a haven of quite satisfaction and reflection.  Why not imbibe in a little visual yoga.  It’s never a bad idea to surroound yourself with art and design that make you at peace. 

If you think you might find just a little bit thorugh our designs – we would honoured to assit.

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