Nordic Pine Wide - #WV41 - white picture frame - Side View
Nordic Pine Standard - #WV41 - white picture frame - Closeup View
Nordic Pine Wide - #WV41 - white picture frame - Wall View
Nordic Pine Wide - #WV41 - white picture frame - Details View
Nordic Pine Wide - #WV41 - white picture frame - Side View

Size (30 x 60) cm (“12×24”) NORDIC PINE STANDARD (#WV41)






  • This is a wide, substantial frame measuring 57mm wide and 30mm deep.
  • This moulding is a “distressed-style” of moulding and is finished in an off-white colour on a timber base.
  • This moulding would suit, cottage-style, traditional and contemporary settings equally well.
  • Great for residential interiors or corporate interiors where you would like to soften the decor and infuse a little warmth into the living space.
  • The earth-tones in this moulding work well in just about any setting.




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FREE Photo Enhancement - Basic and Advanced

Free Basic Photo Enhancement 

We offer FREE basic photo enhancement with all our printing (if you select it).  This means we will go over your photo to make improve your contrast and colour levels in your photo.  We basically tweak a few global photo controls to improve the overall look of your photo.


Print Media

Additional  – Print Media Options

We offer several print media options ranging from our standard satin photo paper right up to the renowned German Hahnemuhle Textured fine-art paper.  Our Standard Satin and Standard Matte photo paper is fine for just about all applications while our Metallic papers allow for a wider range of colours and a little more POP.  We can help you choose the right paper.  If you find the choice a bit daunting, just choose the Standard Satin paper and ask for assistance using the “Comment Box” and we’ll have a look and call you back with a few suggestions.  This service is FREE for all our customers.

Matboard Borders


Matboards are the thick white paper borders used in framed pictures.  They were traditionally used to add a border for aesthetics or to prevent your photo from touching the glass which could cause old photos to stick.  Today, we have few issues with standard photo paper but most customers still prefer to have them for aesthetic reason.   Still others are opting to have a printed border with Matte Paper  ( white border ) or no border at all for a more contemporary look.  This is particularly effective with narrow frames.  You can select to have no border, printed border or added mat board with any of our frames.  If you are not sure,  just add ask for a free proof (in the Comments Box) above when ordering and we’ll show you what your image looks like with and without a mat.   We’ll send this for you to view in your email inbox.  There is no charge for the first proof.


Choosing the Right Size

We’ll provide you with a range of matboard options in the Picture Viewer for each Frame we sell.  Just scroll through the images and select the option you like best.


Double Matboards

The selection of a double matboard can add a touch of elegance to a frame.  Select this option and we will send you a couple of options to choose from based on the colours in your image.

Alternatively, you can select the colours you want and enter them into the Additional Comments box with your order.   See our matboards page for more info regarding colours.


Your Frames Are Insured and Guaranteed

You can relax knowing that your order is carefully packed and guaranteed to be delivered free of damage or defects.  If there are any issues we will collect and replace.



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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 6 cm
Print Media (Price - low to high)

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Mat Board - Optional



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