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CMYK Tones Set Out The Colours For This Graphic Design

Some of our styles are subdued.  This one is more of our vibrant works set out in vibrant Magenta, Cyans and Yellow tones.   Your Graphic Artist will incorporate geographical elements and typography to create a custom print that will truly impress.


This Item Qualifies For Free Shipping

How To Order

Colour Options 

You do not have to nominate colour options now.  You can just let us know at the design stage if there are colour options that you require. This is a free service.


Select Size

Select the frame and size you want.  Call if your preference is not shown.


Select your Payment Options

Select either:  “$49 Design Deposit” option or “Pay Full Amount” option in the Payment Options Dialog Box.  You will receive a $20 transferable gift certificate if you pay the full amount, redeemable upon any future purchase with us.


Add Your Text & Names to Comment Box

Add your name list to the white “Comments Box”  below and separate your terms with a     “/”  symbol.


Note:  Our Graphic Artist will call you to firm up the design options before we start designing. You can discuss colour options at that point.  The design may be shown with optional Floating Frames and picture frame mouldings.


Add any art to this order and get 20% off.  Call for details.