” Editing Is The Most Important Factor In The Final Look Of Your Image”

Colour correction is the editing of colours and contrast levels in an image to represent the colours of the setting in which the image was taken to achieve more realistic colours.


The first thing is to assess the image and make sure the resolution and quality are up to being edited.  Blurry and low res images are typically not candidates.  


here we can see colour issues caused by the green glass of the London Eye pods which have to be corrected.  There are also issues with contrast that may need to be corrected once the main colour issues are resolved. 

Colour and Contrast Sorted

We have gone over the image and corrected the colour.  Once the colour issues were sorted and we cleared “the smoke” we were able to see that we were also able ot see that there were issues with contrast.  Non-photographers often do not realise that there are several types of contrast that all need to be looked at to maximise the impact of an image.



Correction Ends & Styling Begins 

Te image is now colour corrected.  Without the use of target cards, we generally colour correct by eye using calibrated monitors and experience.  From here we can add sharpening and change the look by manipulating the light within the image and swapping colours to look more harmonised or to match other images in our space


OUR STARTING POINT ( How We Edit Your Photos )

Here we have an image we shot a few years ago.  You can see the obvious green cast, the drab appearance and the dullness caused by being slightly underexposed.  Our editor will fix all this and then reassess the image to for improvements once the main problems are resolved.


It’s often difficult to notice the minor issues in an image when there are larger problems and the larger issues tend to obfuscate the less noticeable defects so we’ll tackle those first.  Issue #1 – Colour, Issue #2 Contrast.

Final Result ( Colour Correction )

Well here is the result of our correcting the colour on this image and we think you’ll find the results quite remarkable.  we have corrected the colour and contrast and we think the colour is pretty accurate.  We have also sharpened the image a little.  


This is where colour correction ends and styling begins.  You could pull the image to the right and crop out an inch or two of the dead space or select only the Pod in the frame and work on the colour and make that pop a little more to focus on the Photographer.  From here is about artistic impression and drawing focus to the parts of the image you want the viewer to focus one.  This can be done in a number of way which will be the topic of future discussions here.



Vernon has thousands of hours of photography and photo editing up his sleeve having started as an editor and retoucher over ten years ago.

`` I love the challenge of editing. Editing a maternity shoot is completely different than editing an event shoot. Each Client requires a different look and result. It's having the experience to provide these option that allows me to do what I do with confidence. This is both rewarding for me and reassuring for the Client``



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