A New Level of Custom Graphic Design

In the Graphic Style of the Large Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Art we have come to love.  All custom crafted by our Senior designers and professionally printed and framed in-house to our exacting standards.


A Statement to a New Beginning


Most brides we speak to tell us that they no longer want dozens of framed wedding photos like their parents.   The trend now seems ot be that most couples just want a single heirloom that summarises the whole day.  Something they can look at for years to come and remember the time, the place and the people that meant the most on the day.  This is why our Head Designer created the Hollywood Style Wedding Art Design.   

Completely Unique.

The couples we design for absolutely Love the collaborative design process.  They have told us that it is like reliving the entire day over again.  Our Designer discusses the the design with you.  You let us know and the images and people that are important we receive the photos from this conversation we craft your, One-of-a-kind artwork.  We can also include friends and family in the design that were not able to attend and modify text specifically for individual recipients.  There are no limitations to what we can create for you.

New or Old Photoghaphs


The process begins with your photographs.  You let us know which images to include.  You let us know what is to be written in the designs and we take it from there.    We have used photographs from the 1970’s to create Anniversary Masterpieces as well as photos that are straight from the photographer.  Your end result looks great either way.

We Used 60 Year Old Photos!


With an in-house photo-editing and graphic design capacity, we can clean, restore and rejuvenate old photos as far back as 50 years ago and use them create amazing  fresh looking works of art that look like the images were taken yesterday.   We have created 60 Year anniversary Hollywood Wedding Style Art Works for a customer’s parents.  She said she always felt bad that her Mother never had great photos from their wedding because of tight finances on the day.


The result was amazing,  We even coloured the black and white photos to colour !