Do You Offer Shipping With Canvas Prints?

Yes,  we offer $20 flat-rate shipping to all metro locations (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth).  Areas outside these destinations may attract additional fees so please check before ordering.

Do You Ship Glass Picture Frames?

We ship glazed art of any size to Perth.  We ship glazed art up to 70cm (longest dimension) to our designated metro areas or Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. We note this within the Designer Art Order Pages.

Is Your Shipping Insured?

Yes, we insure everything you purchase from us.  Please call us on 0421 303 477 if you have an issue and we will resolve it.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

You can expect shipping to take 5 working days to just about anywhere in Australia.  Add a couple of days if you are in Tassie, Regional QLD or in NT.

Do you Offer Overnight Shipping?

Yes.  Overnight shipping is available but it costs more than the included shipping we offer with the majority of our products.  Please call if this is a priority and we will provide you with a quote for overnight shipping based on the item you are purchasing.  If you are trying to meet a deadline, you might want to opt for a gift certificate.  Available as Digital and downloadable – Available in 10 minutes.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

The Arthouse Central Payment Gateway is configured for Paypal.  You can pay for your purchases with your Paypal account or with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card.

Can I Pay Over The Phone?

Yes, many of our customers prefer to call us and speak with the person that will design or prepare their work before they pay.  You can pay by ringing or national line on 1300 287 278 ( 7 days).


I Prefer To Order Over The Phone - Is This OK?

Many customers have called to order our works over the last 15 years.  We can also answer any questions you may have relating to quality, design or shipping of your work during our conversation.

Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel your order after the initial payment just as long as no design or fabrication work has been carried out at your request.  In this case, we charge only the Paypal service fee.  

Do I need an account to place an order?

No,  Accounts are designed for frequent customers and purchasing through an account is not required.

How Can I Return a Product?

Your work is insured by us at no extra charge so if your work is damaged in transit we will provide information on returning it to us ( free of charge ) and initiate the replacement process.

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