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Exhibition Prints, Gallery Wall - Here's A Few Options

We have framed quite a few exhibitions over the years and we can help you with issues that commonly arise when framing for exhibitions.   We can provide advice on group sizing and display options, frames, mats and any other questions you may have regarding the finished framed photograph or art works.



Matt Black 2020 - #B620 - black picture frame - Wall View


Matt Black 2020


Beech Silvertop 30D - #BT27 - timber picture frame - Wall View


Matt Black 2020


Beech 30D - #BT10 - timber picture frame - Wall View


Matt Black 2020


Beech Whitetop 45D - #BT30 - white picture frame - Wall View


Matt Black 2020


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Picture Framing For Exhibitions - Things to Consider For A Successful Event

So you have your exhibition coming up and you’ve spent months or years preparing, sleepless nights anticipating the response and the big day is coming up.  Just  when you think all the hard yards are over, you now having to organise the framing.  Well there are many things to consider that will affect the results and the viability of the event.  Here are a few we can assist you with.



Framing Option 1
Sizing Your Framed Art For Maximum Benefit

1 Do you spend the extra money and go with larger prints that will attract a bigger price or go small and hope to increase your chance of a sale with a lower price tag.

2 A larger print will cost a bit more to make but the extra price can more than compensate for the additional framing costs.

3 The additional consideration with going larger is the reduced number of potential buyers as the price of your art increases.

4 Another factor is that regardless of price, many potential buyers may simply not have the space to hang larger pieces of art in their home.

Framing Option 2
Arranging Your Framed Prints

1 It  is always a good idea to go to the gallery and speak with the curator and find out how much space you have to play with.  We know of situations where an artist could not hang pieces they paid to have framed beause they overestimated the space.


2.  Group exhibitions can be “First-in-Best-Dressed” when it comes to grabbing wall space so ensure you know before hand exactly how much wall space ( width and height ) you have.


3. Sometimes if space is limited you can display two rows of framed art, one above the other but this takes planning and often drilling the wall to accomplish so check beforehand.


4. Photograph all the walls you can hang on.  We can superimpose your prints onto your photographed wall before you purchase so that you nail the size and hanging arrangements perfectly (no pun intended).


Framing Option 3
Get Cheap Frames That Look Good & Re-use

It is easy to over-capitalise when it comes to exhibition framing.  We would suggest selecting slimmer frames that let your art shine.  Avoid coloured frames except for a timber mouldings unless you are displaying large opulent works. 


You may not know that If you purchased your frames from us, we will renew them for you.  We’ll remove the old backing and chords, replaced the image and the mat board if required and reframe your replacement just like new so you can change the art and exhibit again for next to nothing.


You wont pay for glazing or framing – just the replacement of the print and mat if required.  This can save you thousands of dollars when you factor in replacement costs.



Thin Black Framed Gallery Wall Picture Frames
Framing Option 4
If In Doubt, Keep It Simple

If you’re not sure about which frame you should use for your exhibition just remember to keep it simple.  Black, White or Light Timber if contemporary and possible a darker timber for rustic or traditonal prints.  Don’t try to find the moulding a prospective buyer will love:  find one they won’t dislike!


This is a set of interlocking frames we created for a customer in Sydney. They are inexpensive, elegant and unobtrusive.  They allow the art to be the hero.  This is not important if you are buying for yourself.  In that case you may want a mat boards and a frame that mirrors the hues in the art but this is often counterproductive in exhibitions.

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